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Women eat left Yue Yunpeng signature fan clerk mistakenly threw 3000 yuan for the Yangzi Evening News Network September 27th news (reporter correspondent Qin Gongxuan Pei Rui) two days ago, Nanjing police received a report from Zhejiang to Nanjing to play the tourists Miss Chen, said his dining in a restaurant in Nanjing, lost a star Yue Yunpeng signature fan. To find the hotel, but found the waiter has fans threw trash. September 23rd at 3 o’clock, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Qinhuai branch Ruijin Road police station received a call from Miss Chen, said his idol star Autographed fan by a hotel staff broke. Miss Chen said, the evening of September 21st, she and a few friends in this restaurant, was drunk accidentally two fan star Yue Yunpeng Autographed falls in this shop. Today come to search, find fans has been the shop staff broke. Police see the fans that fan is indeed a positive sign, but in the back of the fan was different watercolor strokes filled with a variety of graffiti and text. The police then from the store to understand the situation, after that night Miss Chen is a table of people pay off, the hotel staff Zhang in cleaning picked up the two fans. Zhang told the police, when he picked up the fan, do not know that this is a signature of the star fans, the thought of such ordinary fans, the guest lost will not come back to find out, so I have nothing to do with the pen in the above casually play graffiti. After hearing Zhang’s explanation, Miss Chen suddenly burst into tears. She said that she was a loyal fan of Yue Yunpeng, in order to see his performance, from his hometown Zhejiang came to Nanjing, it took a lot of time to get to the idol’s signature. Subsequently, the police will Zhang and Miss Chen brought back to the police station for mediation. Finally, under the mediation of the police, Zhang promised to pay 3000 yuan as Miss Chen Fan damage compensation. (Yangzi Evening News Net)

女子吃饭遗落岳云鹏签名扇 店员误扔赔偿3000元  扬子晚报网9月27日讯 (通讯员 秦公轩 记者裴睿)前两天,南京警方接到从浙江来南京游玩的外地游客陈小姐的报警,称自己在南京一家饭店用餐,遗失了一把明星岳云鹏签名的折扇。等自己找到饭店,却发现饭店服务员已经将折扇当垃圾扔了。  9月23日下午3点多钟,南京市公安局秦淮分局瑞金路派出所接到外地人陈小姐的报警电话,称自己偶像明星亲笔签名的折扇被一家饭店的员工给弄坏了。陈小姐表示,9月21日晚上她和几个朋友在这家饭店吃饭,当时喝多了不小心将明星岳云鹏亲笔签名的两把折扇落在了这家店里。今天过来寻找时,发现折扇已经被这家店的员工给弄坏了。民警查看折扇后发现,折扇的正面的确是有签名,但是在折扇的背面却被人用不同的水彩笔画满了各种各样的涂鸦和文字。民警随后从店家了解情况,得知当晚陈小姐一桌人买单走了以后,饭店员工张某在打扫卫生时捡到了这两把折扇。张某告诉民警,当时他捡到折扇时,并不知道这是一把明星签名的折扇,本以为这样普通的折扇,客人丢了就不会再回来找了,所以就没事做拿笔在上面随便涂鸦玩的。陈小姐在听到张某的解释后,突然放声大哭。她表示,自己是岳云鹏的忠实粉丝,为了看他的演出,从老家浙江赶来南京,费了好一番工夫才要到偶像的签名。随后,民警将张某和陈小姐带回派出所进行调解。最终,在民警的调解下,张某答应付给陈小姐3000元作为毁坏折扇的赔偿。(扬子晚报网)相关的主题文章: