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The thirty-sixth South Korean Film Awards announced "spy" summit [Abstract] the annual best film awards in Korea released, "no secrets" "East" "cry" column "Miss" "Busan" "the insider" of "spy" "tunnel" "us" "Asura" elected. "Secret agent" poster according to time network reported in October 24th thirty-sixth Korean Film Awards announced, "spy" was named the most outstanding award, Li Bingxian and Son Ye Jin won the best actor and actress award. This year, South Korean Film Critics Award "was finally released. The thirty-sixth Film Critics Award will be held in Seoul on November 8th, and the results will be announced today. Spy action film director Kim Jiwoon’s "secret agent" won the best works and best music awards two. At the same time, Son Ye Jin starred in the thriller "no secret" won best director and best actress award. The most intense competition for the best actor award won by one of the "insider" actor Li Bingxian, this is the day after the kettle won award winning film award again. This year, with the "no secrets" and "Dehui," the Lord of the two films nominated Son Ye Jin won the best actress award with the former. Best new actress award "steel" actress Tan Zheng He, the best new actor will be vacant. This year’s hot business as "Busan" and "Miss" Park director only won the best technology award and best cinematography award. Lin Quanze, director of the film awards, the International Film Critics union Korea division award was directed by the director of the black and white film, "the column of the East" of the. The Independent Film Awards were selected as "the land of spiders" directed by Jin Dongling and director Pu Jingtai. The award is the lack of independent film theaters, theaters and other issues of increasing difficulties in the current situation, the independent film support and excavation awards, sponsored by CJ and other four companies and theaters. Li Bingxian and Son Ye Jin won the best actor and actress in the film awards in ten were awarded the "good" no secret "East" column "cry" "Miss" "Busan" "the insider" of "spy" "tunnel" "us" "Asura". The award was the result of the final evaluation meeting of the Korean Film Critics Association in October 21st. The thirty-sixth film awards ceremony will be held in Seoul in November 8th, actor Jin Chengjun, Yan Zhiyuan served as master of ceremonies. The list of 2016 thirty-sixth Film Critics Award: most outstanding award: "spy" director: Li Jingmei: "no secret" credit Film Award: Lin Quanze Screenplay: Shen Yuanzhi "East column" best actor: Li Bingxian "the insider" award for Best Actress: Son Ye Jin’s "no secret" the best new actor awards: best new actress award vacancies: Zheng Hetan "steel" the best new director award: Yin Jiaen "us" Photography Award: Zheng Zhengxun "Miss" Technology Award (special makeup); Guo Tairong "Busan" Music Awards: Merkel "secret agent" International Federation of Film Critics Award: the Korean branch director Li Junyi "East" independent film column support Award: Jin Dongling, director of Jingtai Park "spider land" (no order of ten film critic): "no secrets" "East" "cry" column "Miss" "Busan", "the insider" of "spy"!相关的主题文章: