The property occupied 14 years live cooking stations sent 50 people out of court

The property occupied 14 years live cooking stations court sent 50 people to clear the original title: property occupied 14 years live cooking stations yesterday, Haidian court more than 10 executive judges and 45 bailiffs to yuhaiyuan District of Haidian District, 14 years of residential property — Beijing City Property Management Limited company of jade occupy the two seat heating station (hereinafter referred to as the jade companies) to be a strong executive, will be handed over to the Beijing city Refco Group Ltd of thermal power station thermal management. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Shuling field thermal station was changed into the living room and the kitchen yesterday morning at 8:40 PM, yuhaiyuan two building No. 9 on the south side of a two floor downstairs, the bailiff stood in a line and cordoned off. The judges passed a corridor into the station. The reporter saw, write a "heat corridor on the right side of the house workshop" was changed into the living room and the kitchen window, hem a sofa, stood beside the cabinet, clothes hook etc.. The room is equipped with gas pipelines, stoves and other facilities, a basin of raw meat and other ingredients on the stove; the left room corridor is arranged in the electric cabinet, also placed a hanger, noodles and other supplies, power distribution cabinet behind the suitcase and stacked cartons, cardboard boxes, "bubble are flammable, and private pull wires. Too dangerous." A Thermotics Inc staff told reporters at the scene. The thermal station has two layers, the same is set on the two floor, the left and right of the two rooms are full of debris. The soldiers were stranded personnel away from the scene after the workers put the bed, cabinet, furniture and kitchen utensils, food from outside the building. The executive judge Li Chunrong told reporters, Haidian court in October 9th this year, he posted a notice required within 3 days to evacuate occupants and transfer stations and has two base station equipment Lidongben, thermal aging in urgent need of repair, room next door is the kitchen, is also equipped with a gas pipeline safety hazards, to ensure the safety of the residents of heating, Haidian the court decided to hold strong." The morning of the 10 when strong execution is completed, the Thermotics Inc Haidian branch took over the power station, the staff posted "notice" to inform the owners, the two seat heating station from now on by the company responsible for the operation and management, will provide quality service wholeheartedly. The property has been occupied by the thermal station in 2002 according to the understanding, for the management of two base stations and Thermotics Inc sued jade companies by its management, the residential developers Beijing sea real estate Refco Group Ltd and the establishment of the Beijing sea real estate Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the same company sea) as the third person. Thermotics Inc said that two thermal stations by the sea opened the company was founded in 1996 and in 1999. The beginning of 2002, jade companies become the residential property after the two seat heating station occupied. In October 28, 2011, the Thermotics Inc and the sea company signed an agreement, the transfer of two seat heating station, but Yu Haihui has been up for a long time, the Thermotics Inc of the heating facilities maintenance difficult, and the use of thermal power station management there is a big security risk, a serious threat to the safety of the heating area, it petitioned the court to order the company to jade two heating station. Jade companies argued that the two seat heating station ownership belongs to all residential property owners, the.相关的主题文章: