The existing Ningbo centenarians 252 people before the ten birthday are women 霍金hawking

The existing Ningbo centenarians 252 people before the ten birthday are women Zhang Lizhen drawing tomorrow is the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the 99 festival. According to the latest statistics Ningbo Office of aging, and now the city a total of 252 centenarians, representing an increase of more than 55 people last year, is the largest increase in the number of years in the past 10 years. Data show that at the end of 2006, the number of centenarians in Ningbo, only 117 people. 10 years, the number doubled, which is a reflection of the improvement of living standards, medical standards in Ningbo. It is interesting that, at present, all the 252 centenarians in Ningbo, still more women, accounting for 74.6% of the total, the first 10 years of life are women. The city’s oldest living 111 years old, located in Yinzhou District. According to the municipal office on aging related person in charge, after years of centenarians visit work, they summed up the centenarians common longevity "secret" is the "three two": not angry, not lazy, not picky, to be optimistic, to environmental protection. In 2011, Ningbo became the first province introduced OAA system of the city, according to the provisions since April 1st of that year for Ningbo residents and at the age of 80 years and above all the elderly old age allowance, including 80 years of age (including 89 years) – 50 yuan per person per month; 90 years (including 99 years) – 100 per month the age of 100 yuan; and more than 300 yuan per person per month. It is reported that the city has more than 160 thousand elderly people can receive a full monthly allowance to the elderly. Reporters learned that some counties (cities) on the basis of municipal policy is also introduced more Huimin terms. As the town area, since October 1, 2014 to improve the elderly living allowance standard: 80 – 89 years old increased to 100 yuan per person per month; 90 – 98 years old increased to 300 yuan per person per month; one hundred years old (99 years of age or older) increased to 1500 yuan per person per month. Currently, the standard of living allowance for the elderly are the city’s leading. Again, the Yinzhou District centenarian longevity health care subsidies increased to 500 yuan per person per month; Beilun District hundred (99 years old) age can enjoy 300 yuan monthly allowance; Cixi City, in addition to the provisions of 100 (99 years old) age can enjoy 300 yuan monthly allowance, also shall enjoy the minimum living allowance of 80 – 98 years old in the old age allowance standard on the basis of re issuance of 30% longevity health subsidies. In October last year, the City Commission, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau also announced the city’s first certified longevity village, a total of ten administrative villages award, namely Cixi Zhouxiang Zhen Lao Jia Dai Cun, Yinzhou Zhang Shui Zhen Li Jia Keng Cun, Fenghua Yan Zhen Village, Yu Yaohuang Town, in case of sixteen households in the village and town the sea Jiaochuan streets, Jiangbei town Chee Chen Jia Cun Pu Cun, Ninghai semi deep Zhen Zhen Xi Bin Cun, Ning Haihu, Chen Xiang Da Lai Cun, Ninghai, Xiangshan Meilin River Street Hong Cun Gao Tang Dao Xiang Hua Ao Dao cun. It is reported that the ten longevity village will receive a plaque and a certificate, certification is valid for 5 years. The city’s longevity longevity story this year 111 years old said: love to drink water, but also optimistic this year 111 year old Shi Xingyue, is Ningbo’s oldest man. Born in 190.相关的主题文章: