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Shanxi traffic illegal images can be obtained by two ways online query received a traffic violation to inform the text message, but how can not remember the illegal situation at that time? In the future, the driver of the province again encountered such a situation, you can easily solve the online. Shanxi public security traffic police network learned that in the past can only be found in the traffic violation of the law to deal with the hall of the traffic image, and now through the Internet and mobile online inquiry. As long as the driver of the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau of traffic safety integrated service management platform to complete the registration, you can view the illegal traffic photos online. It is understood that, in December 15, 2015, the province’s public security traffic police Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform formally launched. The Traffic Management Bureau of Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau portal of Shanxi traffic police network "vehicle violation query" and "driver score query" column to the Internet platform to provide services for the public to continue. There is a traffic violation query needs of the driver, you can visit the Shanxi public security traffic police network, click the illegal query button to enter the province traffic safety integrated service management platform". After the completion of the online registration, and bind the vehicle, driver’s license, the driver can carry out illegal type, scoring and illegal traffic picture query, and online processing of 200 yuan or less do not score illegal behavior. At the same time, the driver can also download the mobile phone APP, the mobile terminal traffic violation image query. The specific method is: Online landing "Shanxi traffic police", click "illegal query" button to enter the province "traffic safety integrated service management platform", "electronic monitoring processing section, click the" apply online "and" reading business notes "," select monitoring record "page. Click on the "view" button after each illegal record, jump out of the "illegal details" box, in addition to the type of offense and the amount of fines, but also the vehicle was taken to the electronic eye photos. Shanxi traffic police network query mobile phone WeChat official service number "Shanxi convenient online", "1", reply keywords scan two-dimensional code, download and install the "app national traffic management traffic 12123, bound vehicles, driver’s license, click on the APP page" my "illegal query. It should be noted that the non registered users can only query whether the vehicle has not handled the illegal acts and the number of illegal processing, can not query detailed records. After the completion of the online registration of individual users, can be recorded in detail query. Individual users can directly online registration, but must ensure that the phone number is registered with the driver’s license or motor vehicle file registration number of mobile phones consistent. If not, need to be signed in the dmv.相关的主题文章: