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Arts-and-Entertainment With the up.ing arrival of the third chapter of the Twilight Movie series, Eclipse .ing to theaters. There are fans everywhere looking for ways to celebrate the release. One great way is to have a Twilight themed party. Even though its not Halloween you can still put together a great celebration for fellow Twi-Hards. Unlike other vampire stories the Twilight saga is not based in the traditional creepy horror settings. This gives you license to use color and bright motifs in interesting .bination with traditional vampire and werewolf images. To pull that off can be tricky so you will need to find right Twilight Party Supplies to do so. Here are some great suggestions to get you started. A good idea for any true Twilight Fan is to go to the books and observe how Alice Cullen does her parties. She uses a lot of color, twinkling lights and makes use of flowers and other elegant touches. This should be your touchstone when making an authentic "Twilight Look" So when picking Twilight party supplies try to find items try to think " What would Alice use?" Another thing to think about is Twilight Party supplies as accents to your overall party look. Most party supplies will be up close and personal to your guest such as cups, plates, cutlery, napkins, and centerpieces. So you want to make sure they are Twilight themed enough to catch eyes of your guests but elegant enough to not look to garish or clash with your party decorations. Using motifs from the books covers is another interesting idea developed by Twilight fans. Many fans have .e up with unique ways to create Twilight party supplies that highly reflective of the books series and the movies. One such idea is center pieces based off of the cover art of the books. For example you can .bine the motifs of chess, read ribbon, and the distinct type of tulips from the covers to make a very interesting floral arrangement and center pieces. Another great idea for Twilight party supplies is to make use of the distinct styles and cultural looks of the places and people mentioned in the Twilight series. The unique tribal culture of Jacob’s tribe can be used to great effect. You can try to find party supplies on line that reflect Native American motifs and also .bine interesting wolf motifs. This should be easier than you suspect because the idea of people and animals being able to take different forms is a staple of Native American culture and stories. You can also take advantage of the rich heritage of renaissance Italy when looking for party supplies that represent the powerful and sinister Volturi vampires who are the rulers the vampire world. The thing to remember when making or even shopping for Twilight party supplies is to make sure that as much of the series as possible is in them. This will help make them a successful part of your party planning. You should also remember to make sure that all your decorations provide balance. In many cases you are not doing an elaborate dinner party but it will give overall harmony to the decorating of your party venue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: