Phoenix in the review Japan F35 15 fighters shot down behind the imaginary idea of

Phoenix in the review: Japan F35 15 fighters shot down the idea behind the hypothetical conspiracy if only from the time point of view, similar to "battle! On the aircraft carrier mobile fleet "appeared in the science fiction film is understandable, but in fact the Japanese deliberately promote Japanese air and sea against the real intention is to cover up the real core of China — means against anti submarine. (Figure) Phoenix Phoenix army military review October 24th decisive battle! Japanese aircraft carrier mobile fleet "– the name is not sound excited? This is the latest Japanese military science fiction short film. The film Chinese in Japan on 2020 airborne infantry fighting vehicles and the real intention of killing the Japan US summit, is the climax of the Japanese aircraft carriers off F35C fighters to intercept and shoot down the China f 15. Although the film makes people can not look directly, but China should be seen through the appearance of flicker, see the sinister intentions of japan. Pictured ready to intercept 15 fighters from F35C China sea fighter took off from the Japanese aircraft carriers, in the face of such deliberate propaganda, common sense tells us that the more strongly promote the opponent may be false. (map) in the hearts of our people, in the morning so that China should fight a thorough service in japan. And in a very long period, the best Japanese equipment level is also in the Asia Pacific region countries, is one of the objects in the sea and active in the field to catch up Chinese. In the field of aircraft, Japan will become the first Asia Pacific equipment and assembly of F35 fighters of the country, will face five days after Chinese generation challenge. Combined with the previous F15J fleet long-term hegemony in East Asia sky, many view that the air force (although Japan does not have a "air force", according to the facts but we still speak) is one of the main means of China Japan threat. From Japan to continue to render its five generation plan, as well as the procurement of U.S. F35 fighters, including the story of shocking Sino Japanese War oratorio, Japan also hopes to Chinese in the impression. But common sense tells us that the more opponents to promote the more likely to be false. F15J to Japan to become the first fourth generation fighter equipment in East Asia countries, but with the rapid development of Chinese air force, Japan is not only not to F15J any upgrade, will be more empty from the future combat burden of pressure in the F35 shoulder, these signs indicate that Japan has never expected empty since the days after the main means of China as against. (Figure) from the development of air combat aircraft in Japan, F15J makes Japan the first country in East Asia to equip the fourth generation fighter aircraft. Then F2 fighters and F15J formation of high and low. But interestingly, when the 11 fighter fighter, the J-10 Chinese service and continuous improvement at the same time, even after South Korea are equipped with F15K and F16K aircraft performance beyond F15J and F2, Japan not only did not accept the Boeing F15J fighter upgrade plan ("stealth sinking Eagle" scheme, also did not own prototype) F15J for any kind of upgrade. Not only that, when the rapid development China J 20 fighter, F22 fighter in Japan. After a failed, not to the United States continued to press, but accept the performance and 20 f no advantage compared to F35, the country’s "mind" is only F35 for lower prices, rather than put pressure on the United States)相关的主题文章: