Mumbai Builders In High Coercion To Drop The Prices Of

Real-Estate Real Estate market can push Indias growth and economy many steps forward only if the high policy rates .es somewhat down in the next few years. Every coin has two sides and every dawn .es after the dark night,same goes with the mumbai real estate market. There is a huge collection of unsold inventory which got piled up in Mumbai Metropolitan Region , reason being most of the apartments are hugely priced at 1 crore and above as .pared to average earnings which is approximately 7.5 Lacs. Also in mumbai, builders are catering to that market segment which has no demands. Precisely, the major reason behind the slowdown in this real estate sector which has ultimately resulted in the rise of unsold inventory is that the prices are unaffordable to the .mon man. From the last few months prices of property had shooted up but there was no matching rise in salaries so this has created a huge difference between affordability and actuality. Builders are helpless as they are facing many problems disposing off piled up inventory while buyers are still in a hope that the cost of inventory will further go down. From past few years builders have been unwaveringly reducing the average unit size so as to meet up the buyers requirements and this reduction is highest in mumbai Nirmal US Open , still it has got the maximum unsold inventory. Apart from reducing the .position of apartments, builders are picking up other strategies as well to cater the need of customers. As the prices for land and development premiums going up, percentage of houses which are priced above the average price range are expected to slope in the future. However, in the viewpoint of experts even the government is obliged to review the scenario and take into consideration those measures which can ease the pressure. Mumbai property developers facing the heat The supply continues to outstrip demand at this point , so, neither the prices will go up significantly nor the prices will drop down substantially, this is what Rohit Gera, managing director, gera developments has to say about this. Developers are now in a spirit to reduce the prices and are trying to attract buyers with special offers and discounts. Even interest rates offered by banks is .ing down to offer some benefit to home loan seekers. These diminutions may not seem impressive to buyers at once but in long term it will definitely work in favour of builders. This necessity to recover costs and bringing back their financial status on tracks from builders of mumbai Rohan Ishan has ultimately lead to marginally reduced prices. Ultimately it collapsed down to 19,681 from 20,125. Every year prices are dropping and has almost dropped to 0.95% from 3.23% in Mumbai. Moreover country’s economy is improving and everyone’s eyes is on 2016 after facing a steep cut down of economic performance in 2015. Hopefully 2016 will witness the healthy growth in sales along with profits and prices and our markets will be much more rectified and will prepare itself for upward track. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: