Liu Cigui refinement measures precise force to ensure that poverty alleviation work steadily –

Liu Cigui: detailed measures of precise force   to ensure poverty alleviation work steadily, local leaders — original title: key weaknesses to ensure accountability measures are in place to focus on a more pragmatic style to speed up the pace of poverty alleviation precise today (13) morning, (Hainan) governor Liu Cigui to the provincial Office of poverty research and held seminars, one by one analysis of the weaknesses of our province of poverty alleviation work and problems, of which the study of specific issues solving measures, a clear time node, for the departments at all levels to adhere to the problem oriented, to further clarify the responsibilities, detailed measures, precise force, to the spirit of being highly responsible to the measures put in place to ensure poverty alleviation work steadily, to achieve tangible results. At the forum, the provincial poverty Alleviation Office reported recent progress in poverty alleviation work. Hainan province poverty alleviation "13th Five-Year" planning clear requirements, the province in 2016 to achieve 188 thousand rural poor out of poverty and strengthen the promotion of. To implement the provincial poverty alleviation and promoting poverty alleviation and development leading group of the spirit of the meeting, to promote the pace of poverty alleviation, the weak link of the province at all levels of poverty alleviation departments seriously sort out research on specific measures to the problem oriented, fully revised poverty alleviation manual, unified design, hanging card number of poor households, standardize and improve the "a file" three, establish management mechanism of village, town, county, to strengthen the "first secretary and village cadres training, strengthen publicity and education work, actively planning precise poverty alleviation. Liu Cigui pointed out that the departments at all levels conscientiously implement the provincial Party committee and provincial government unified deployment, and promote the work of poverty alleviation, and made new progress and effectiveness, it is worth affirming. However, the control objectives and expectations of the people, but also to further intensify efforts. The current poverty alleviation fund spending slow progress issues are still quite prominent, should pay close attention to the development of the use of funds to speed up the progress of the relevant provisions, strengthen the inspection and supervision of the poverty alleviation fund, poverty alleviation and further accelerate the progress of disbursement of funds, and play efficiency in the use of funds. To establish a notification system, the slow progress of the county’s poverty alleviation funds to inform the city, the special poverty alleviation fund spending progress below the provincial average of cities and counties to the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to explain. Audit departments should do a good job of capital audit and system audit, the audit found that the use of funds to optimize the system defects, so that the audit side rectification. Liu Cigui stressed that poverty alleviation must be precise, standardized operation, grasp the details of the implementation of the standards to each specific link. The newly revised poverty alleviation manual, to cover the precise identification, accurate and precise help to exit the whole process, increase the sense of intuition, expanding the amount of information. Organization of the third party to assess the accuracy of the assessment work, to a comprehensive special investigation, sampling survey, field verification, etc., to ensure that the assessment report objective, fair and accurate. The cities and counties to strictly implement precise poverty procedures and standards, to consolidate and improve the population of all serious investigation, in line with the exit condition, all included in the category of this year has been out of poverty; poverty, to organize a precise exit "look back", to ensure the accuracy of the exit. Liu Cigui pointed out that the poverty alleviation system to strengthen the construction of information on the implementation of accurate poverty very相关的主题文章: