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Li Keqiang on promoting the next 16+1 cooperation proposed four initiatives – Beijing, Xinhua news agency in November 5, Premier Li Keqiang, 5 pm local time in Riga to attend the fifth China Middle East European leaders meeting, proposed the next step to promote the "16+1 cooperation" initiative. Li Keqiang said that after more than 4 years of development, 16+1 cooperation mechanism is more perfect, more solid foundation, broader prospects. This summit with "Internet, innovation, harmony and order" as the theme, targeted and practical significance. He made specific recommendations for the next step of cooperation: first, deepen infrastructure and interoperability, and further enhance the central European countries in the Eurasian Continental Bridge hub. Two is to play a good role in supporting financial cooperation, in a variety of ways to provide financial support for 16+1 cooperation project. Three is to open up new space for green economic cooperation, strengthen green agriculture, ecological and environmental protection, clean energy cooperation. Four is to further close exchanges and cooperation in the field of humanities, give full play to the role of education, culture, tourism, health, local, youth and other cooperation mechanisms to promote the people.相关的主题文章: