Forecast period 16115th Lotto number is not to be optimistic about Sohu

Forecast Lotto 16115th period: the number is not optimistic about the Sohu on the Lotto lottery results for 16172032 33+03 07, No. 1 before the District, No. 2 group, the total value is 118, 2 odd 3 pairs, 3 big and 2 small. Back is a group of small Kiki number combination. The baby with color Lotto history of this tool, to analyze this issue in a historical period: the number and minimum value is 43, and the maximum value is 139, and the overall value of the amplitude is relatively large, and the value is generally less than 100 points, compared to the 2015115 period and the value of 201611 and 63 placement, estimation the value will be slightly, the Lord and the value range of 70-90. The number in the history of the period 115 open only 1 times (2014115), and 2, which shows that the number of performance opportunities rarely, the latest one is not too optimistic about the number of falling ball phenomenon. 2014115 and 2015115 are even combined, according to the combination of history even in period 115 missing features, that a new period, even the combination of a little hope, not to consider. Eight phase 115 parity codes ball number statistics, we can see that the odd number advantages, in the next period, can continue to pay attention to the odd hot, recommended parity ratio 3:2. Recommend a group: 02152127 30+02 07

大乐透第16115期预测:重号不被看好-搜狐  上期大乐透开奖结果为16 17 20 32 33+03 07,前区重号出1个,连号2组,总和值为118,2奇3偶,3大2小。后区则为一组小大奇奇号码组合。下面借助彩宝贝大乐透历史上的今天工具,来进行本期出号分析:   历史同期中开出的最小和值是43,最大和值为139,整体和值变化振幅比较大,且和值普遍低于100点,相比2015115期和值落点63,估计201611期和值将稍有回升,主看和值区间70-90。   重号在历史115期中仅开出1次(2014115期),且出2个,由此看出,重号表现机会极少,最新一期不太看好重号落球现象。   2014115期与2015115期都有连号组合出现,根据历史115期中的连号组合遗漏特征,推测新的一期中,连号组合开出希望不大,暂不考虑。   综合八次115期的奇偶码落球个数统计,可看出,奇数出号优势突出,在接下来一期中,可继续关注奇数热出,推荐奇偶比3:2。   推荐一组:02 15 21 27 30+02 07相关的主题文章: