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Exclusive: the British performing team to do this China exposure causes (2) – Sohu military channel page second: Chinese done this Red Arrows Aerobatic Team of engineers and pilots recently visited a number of schools and enterprises Chinese. With 5 years of flying time of captain David? Montenegro said, "this is one of the biggest tour will be in the next 10 years, the China performance took 18 months to prepare. Figure for the red arrows. The RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Team for the first time at the Zhuhai air show debut, this shows that Chinese airshow grow with each passing day’s influence in the international arena, is hidden behind the Chinese to enhance the overall strength. In the past, due to the influence of Europe and the United States arms embargo and other reasons, the developed countries of Europe’s military performance team flight performance from the future of Zhuhai airshow. Chinese always hope to achieve a breakthrough in this respect, can be said that this year the British Royal Air Force Red Arrows Aerobatic Team to perform a breakthrough. In order to "red arrow" in China, Chinese has done a lot of efforts, especially in Britain from Europe, Britain and the world has changed a lot, the two sides through the communication, the state foreign exchange and other channels. The Red Arrows Aerobatic Team Captain also said that the trip to Zhuhai is not easy, they are preparing for a year and a half, from Britain to Zhuhai, over 12 countries, the light is gas plus 22, in order to let Zhuhai debut China audience can brighten. While the show, red arrows show is very exciting, won praise.相关的主题文章: