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Cangxian Cao Zhuang village old party Cao Guangxuan: ten years of repair duty Barber – Hebei Channel – original title: Cangxian Cao Zhuang village old party Cao Guangxuan Cao Guangxuan old party villagers ten years filed repair duty barber cuierzhuang town Cao Zhuang village in Cangxian, the people in the village said the junction of praise, "he is really a warm-hearted, everybody has what are willing to ask him for help." Recently, I came to the home of 68 year old Cao Guangxuan, he was seen at home for the villagers Cao Dewen barber. "We can be satisfied, so run all the way to get a haircut." Cao Dewen lowered his head and smiled. Cao Guangxuan’s home is a fitness Plaza, the installation of a lot of fitness equipment, the village’s old people often come here to exercise, by the way to find Cao Guangxuan haircut. Catch up with the village set, more people find Cao Guangxuan barber. Every the 2th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Cao Guangxuan also specially at the door put a table, brew tea, put the seeds, let the old people queue barber side open side of the "tea party" etc.. Some elderly people walking in the village, Cao Guangxuan also take the initiative to come to their service. Cao Guangxuan said that when he was a soldier in the army, he had a haircut. After working in Cangzhou for many years, he moved back to the village to live, has been ten years. To see the old man in the village is not easy to cut hair, he bought a haircut from his own pocket for the elderly service. Over the years, Cao Guangxuan not only free music when the barber, also became a compulsory car mechanic. Who in the village of bicycles, electric tricycle out of trouble, he hastened to help repair. He deliberately put the aisle that repair tools put at the door, so that you can always take the time. Some outside the village to village to do business in the car broke down, Cao Guangxuan also went to here for help. (Tian Zhen) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)相关的主题文章: