Beijing, Wuhan Customs seized 6 cases of post drug smuggling cannabis – in case of

The new network Wuhan Customs seized 6 cases of post drug smuggling cannabis entry for drug smuggling case – Wuhan Customs seized cannabis. He Yuxiang photo Beijing, Wuhan, November 15, (Zhang Qin He Yuxiang) 15 reporter learned from the Wuhan customs, Wuhan Customs recently, continuous investigation filed 6 cases of suspected cannabis drug smuggling channels through the post entry case, suspects seized 31 kilograms of cannabis (gross), arrested 13 suspects. It is reported that in November 1, 11 days, Wuhan customs postal channels for 6 times from sent from the United States and Canada, to declare the import name "French fries" and other food postal parcels, seized suspected drug cannabis hidden. The Wuhan customs anti smuggling Department sampling, sent to the Public Security Department of professional identification, results confirmed the drug cannabis. Cannabis, in recent years in the new drug popular in Europe and the United States, known as the "Rose", which contains the hallucinogenic ingredient THC (four tetrahydrocannabinol) than the grass up to 3 to 4 times, the black market price several times more expensive than the grass, to reach 100 to 150 yuan per gram. According to reports, the operation Department of Wuhan customs postal channels first seized drugs cannabis, also seized a number of cannabis, destroyed two entrenched in Wuhan criminal gangs smuggling and trafficking in marijuana. (end)相关的主题文章: