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I dont know what type of day or was but according to my parents Elaine and Lionel Cooper, it was pretty special. Almost 12 months after the day they were married, I was born in Goulburn Base Hospital in NSW, Australia, under the guidance of Dr Keith Little, who apparently had to leave the cricket pitch to deliver me, right before he was to bat. My mother, who suffered very little through the whole ordeal, informed the nurse when she brought her afternoon tea that she wouldnt have time to drink the tea because I was on the way. Dont be ridiculous the nurse said youve got hours to go and politely turned to leave the room. My mother assured her she was wrong. Sure enough, mum was right and within 20 minutes she buzzed for assistance, and when no one came she hopped out of bed and began walking down the corridor towards the delivery room. The same nurse caught her on the way and asked her what she was doing, she said I was .ing and the nurse again said dont be silly, .e on back to bed. So mum lifted her gown and there was my head, the nurse nearly had a heart attack. Nevertheless, I had arrived, and my whole life has been just a follow on from there, pretty much always ahead of myself! Growing up in Goulburn (NSW Australia) was great, not that I had anything to .pare it to. But I loved the town, my friends and the climate. It was cold most of the time, but for some reason that agreed with me. I attended a local catholic infants school till I was nine, which was literally at the end of the street we lived in, so getting to school was an easy two minute walk. The school was run by nuns, which was interesting in itself on so many levels, which I wont get into, but one thing that I do remember vividly was mass on Fridays. Every Friday after recess (morning tea break) we would go into mass which lasted 90 minutes at least. There were some girls who spent their break eating and drinking and chatting and forgot to go to the toilet before they went to mass, and as you guessed the needed to go when they were in there. Well, that just wasnt an option. The nuns forbid it. So, inevitably, some of these girls would literally be squirming in their seats trying to hold their bladder, and of course, some just couldnt. One girl did this repeatedly, youd think shed learn the lesson, and she would be holding herself and her school uniform would be all wet around the edge where she leaked out bit by bit over the 90 minutes till by the time mass ended, her skirt was literally soaking. Thankfully we all lived no more than five minutes from the school. My father had bought a reel to reel tape recorder and almost from the time we could talk, my father would tape my brother, sister and myself each birthday. We would either sing or dance or recipe poetry and it was fascinating as we got older to listen back at what we sounded like from the age we began to speak. Well, I was part of the school choir and the nuns, particularly Sister Mary Paul, I still remember her name clearly, asked if she could borrow the player to tape us. My dad agreed, (hes a very generous man) but asked her to only tape on one side, that is, dont take the reels out and turn them over because we had stuff taped on that we wanted to keep. We could only afford one reel. Well you can imagine what happened. She ignored that and turned it over and taped over quite a bit of our really early years, which of course were very disappointed about tot his day. Needless to say, there are still many memories and still some vocal expressions left. I left OLOS (Our Lady of Sorrows) school at the age of 10 because the school only catered to 2nd class, so I had to move school to attend primary school. Thankfully was just around the corner, so not too far to go, although, at the same time, we also moved house. My parents were building a house for us (and I mean building, they built it themselves, consequently there are still parts unfinished 40 years on) which was several blocks away in an area of town they called pill hill because all the towns doctors lived there. Even before primary school I had developed a very keen interest in cooking. Both my grandmothers were great cooks and so was my mum, especially at baking, and so I became enthralled with it, so much so that I decided at age 10 to be.e a cooking teacher. It was also about this time that everyone used to talk about doing cooking classes when we got to high school. I couldnt wait to start high school so I could do cooking, and I wasnt disappointed. They were most favourite classes and I was good at it. In fact, I excelled, so much so that on graduation, I graduated in the top 5% of the state in home economics and textile and design and got a scholarship to study at what was called Hawkesbury Agricultural College then, now its the University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury. And between 1977 and 1979 I lived on campus and studied to be.e a high school cooking teacher. 1977-1979 – Hawkesbury Agricultural College I had a ball at college. It was a three-year course and I could have extended that to four if I wanted to but at the time I chose not to. I figured that if I did three years Id still be.e a schoolteacher and Id still get to do what I really wanted to do which was teach cooking, so I thought I could always go back down the track and do that extra year, but of course I never did. My interests went elsewhere and of course the rest of this story will show you where that is. While I was at college I lived on campus and I just loved it but it was literally the first time that Id ever really been away from home apart from holidays with my auntie and grandmother in Mittagong and so it was a bit of a shock. I remember in fact the Orientation Week and for those of you who may or may not know anything about Hawkesbury Agricultural College their O Weeks or Orientation Week was pretty traumatic but I have to say the best time of my life. And I remember being on the oval and all of us were given what they called mott names, Mott being the lowest form of life that lived on the dung of cows or sheep, I think was the best way to describe it or what the definition was and they called us Motts and they gave us a name based on our surname or some characteristic about us and they did for a purpose because they thought that it brought everybody down to the same level which I have to say I think I agree with and that is, wouldnt matter whether you grew up in Turramurra or you know Rose Bay or whatever it was or you came from some country town like I did in Goulbourn then you would all be exactly the same because all of you had Mott in front of your name and so we were all called something Mott. Well my surname was Cooper and so my Mott name became Nilverm because that was a sheep drench and of course I knew nothing about any of that because I lived in town rather than out of town on a farm but I became Mott Nilvern and I remember being given that name before my parents even left the oval and I watched them hop in their car and drive away and I was devastated, absolutely devastated. I still remember that time, I felt .pletely abandoned because this was the first time Id ever really been left behind apart from with relatives and I was with people I didnt know. There was one girl at college who I knew and she didnt like me so that was sort of a hard time. And of course I also got my scholarship a little later than others and because of that I didnt get my own room either. I was with three other girls with beds like hospital beds in one of the .mon rooms that didnt lock. So with all of that and my parents leaving me I was absolutely devastated. But I ended up meeting people very, very quickly. In fact the girls in the .mon room with me became quite good friends and within about three days of being there I was given my own room and it was fantastic and I made some fantastic friends who are now still very, very close and I had the best three years of my life. It was a bit of a shock to the system. I certainly did things that I would never have even dreamed about doing while I was at home and I dont mean disgracing myself in any way but I trialled alcohol which I never did at home and of course there were more boys than you could poke a stick at. In fact one of the reasons why I went to Hawkesbury in the first place as opposed to Sydney Teachers College or Newcastle Teachers College both of which offered the same course, was because there were five guys to ever girl so I figured that if I was going to go somewhere and be free I might as well do it with lots of opportunities. And so of course I did, I met lots and lots of great guys, many of whom Im still in contact with today, none of whom I married and/or had any long-term relationships with but they certainly became fantastic friends and I still see a lot of them. Hawkesbury was interesting. I learned an enormous amount while I was there. It was very food technologically-orientated and its gone further and further down that track but the practical side of what I learnt was just wonderful. I had topped the state in home ec and textiles and design at school. I didnt quite go to that extent when I was at college because I learnt very early on that if I passed with all As or all Cs I would still get a Diploma of Education and still be.e a high school teacher. And one of the things that I did notice while I was there and so did the lecturers was that my ability to impart the knowledge, to teach people and teach the kids was actually very good so even though a lot of the time I didnt know all the information, I used to just learn it the night before and then go in and present it in my own way the next day so my practical teaching was went well. I got quite high marks from the practical perspective and also my practical subjects were very good. There was some of the technical stuff that I didnt really get and a lot of the science that I didnt really grasp but I did pick it up as we went along and I really had a great time. I passed quite .fortably and I got offered a job as soon as I left college so things couldnt have been too bad. It was also at that time that I met my husband but Ill tell you a little bit more about him in the next post. 相关的主题文章: