Urine is able to remove toxins from the body, so observe the urine can be found many problems, especially to observe the color of their urine and urination feel tingling. Then yellow urine normal? together below to find out.

1, transparent with light lemon
Health the urine color is the clear, the better. Make urine clear need plenty of water, if you drink 8 glasses of water a day, your urine should show a healthy color, moisture available in tea, fruits, and vegetables.
2, dandelion-yellow
Maybe you just got out of accumulated in the kidneys in urine throughout the evening, usually are this color. Because the kidneys produce less urine at night, plus a night’s sleep makes the body in a State of dehydration, so morning urine is dark in color, smell is heavy. These are normal. After you drink the water, the next time the urine color and smell will improve.
3, Orange
Taking too much vitamin b can cause urine orange yellow, reduce vitamin dose urine will turn clear. If you’re used to taking vitamin b tablets, not more than 1 dose a day is best.
4, Ruby Red
Some fruits and vegetables with natural pigments, such as carrots and beetroot, raspberry, will make your urine look red. But this phenomenon is only temporary, and drink a few cups of boiling water will slowly restore.
In fact, as urine contains pigment in urine, so normal urine color should be white or slightly yellowish, often appear to pale yellow. If the color is too yellow, is not necessarily a disease, but cannot rule out disease.

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